Welcome to Quick Sex Press - Home of the quick bang book!

Sometimes we want just the best bits, without the flim-flammery.

Yeah, sometimes the big build-up is great. Sometimes we want the banquet. Sometimes we want the whole movie.Sometimes we want to read the great sex-scene as part of the overall novel.

But sometimes we want to pick out the tasty morsels. Sometimes we want to go straight to the scene of the movie where they get down to the dirty stuff. And sometimes we want a book that just gives us the downright filthy bit, plain and simple, and no un-necessary extras.

So if what you're after is a quick, to-the-point, unadulterated fix of quality-written, hot, sexy, full-on, erotic, sexy fiction, then welcome to Quick Sex Press.

'Cause sometimes we all just need a quick bang for our buck.